What shall we do in case the card is lost?

If you lost your card immediately contact the Bank and request to block the card. It can be done in several ways, in particular:

  • On the basis of submission of ID card by the cardholder at the closest branch of the Bank.
  • By using the corresponding function of I-banking (if the cardholder uses this service and knows the user login and password).
  • By sending the command-word to the special short number by SMS.
  • By phone, by calling at the Bank’s hotline number. In this case, you should dictate the phone code numbers to the operator with a certain sequence in order to identify the cardholder.

If you do not have or have lost the phone code, we recommend to restore it, so that you can react quickly and avoid unpleasant results, when being out of the city or abroad, or where there is no access to the Internet.

Generally, card blocking is free of charge. Use of local ATMs and POS terminals are mainly blocked. Sometimes, if there is a serious threat (too large amount on the card, suspicion of fraud etc.) it may be required to block the card by putting it on the stop-list of the International Payment System (Visa, MasterCard etc.). Please consider that this service is mainly paid.